Lab Zero Games

Lead Environment Artist, January 2016- December 2016

- Indivisible - In development (PC, PS4, XBONE)

Bioware Austin

Senior Environment Artist (contract), August 2015- January 2016

- Mass Effect Andromeda, EA (PS4, XBONE, PC)

Retro Studios

Artist Level - 3, July 2011- August 2015

- Unannounced title in development

- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Nintendo (Shipped Nintendo Wii U)

    o Environment modeling, texture painting, and lighting

    o Level layout and world building

    o Trained team on next gen techniques including Zbrush, and modular level creation

    o Mentored junior artists

Square Enix

Lead Environment Artist, November 2010- April 2011

- Project Dropship, SEA (Canceled PSN, XBLA)

    o Environment modeling, texture painting, and lighting

    o Worked with Art Manager on implementation of art on levels with in house created assets (and incoming assets from outsourcing partners)

    o Helped define art style for levels and worked with artists to make vision come to fruition in game.

    o Managed scheduling of environment artists

Naughty Dog Inc.

Environment Artist, March 2010- November 2010

- Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception, SCEA (Shipped - Playstation 3)

    o Environment Modeling, Levels, and Cinematics

Planet Moon Studios

Senior Artist, August 2006- February 2010

- Disney's Rapunzel™, Walt Disney (Shipped - Nintendo Wii)

- Musical DNA™ (prototype demo)

    o Lead Artist - responsible for creation of style guides, and the look of the project

- Wish You Were Here™, ngmoco:) (Canceled – iphone/ipod touch)

    o Lead Artist – Ran scrum meetings, managed tasks for artists. Provided feedback. Created style 

- Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter™, THQ (Shipped – Nintendo Wii)

- Battle of the Bands™, THQ (Shipped – Nintendo Wii)

- Afterburner: Black Falcon™, SEGA (Shipped – PSP)

Double Fine Productions

Environment Artist (contract), February 2008- July 2008

- Brutal Legend™, Electronic Arts (Shipped –XBOX360, PS3)


Environment Artist, May 2005- March 2006

- X-Men™, Activision (Shipped – XBOX, XBOX360, PS2, PC)

Vicious Cycle Software Inc.

Artist, September 2003- April 2005

- Spy Vs Spy™, Global Star Software (Shipped – XBOX)

- Robotech: Invasion™, Global Star Software (Shipped – PS2, XBOX)


The Art Institute of Phoenix, Arizona - Bachelors of Arts in Game Art and Design

2000- September 2003, GPA 3.7 Graduated with Honors.  


Available upon request


I love video games. I love making video games, a dream that I've held since as long as I can remember.

I have over 10 years of industry experience and have shipped 9 titles. I have on worked games of varying styles from the cartoon-like Brutal Legend, and Donkey Kong Country to more realistic games like Uncharted 3. Adapting to different styles of art and transforming a 2D concept into a fully realized 3D world is something I greatly enjoy and excel at. Please enjoy my work; I take great pride in it!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork. You can reach me at my email address:

You can view my Linked In profile here: