Defiant Studios

Art Director, December 2016 - Current

Lab Zero Games

Lead Environment Artist, January 2016- December 2016

- Indivisible - In development (PC, PS4, XBONE)

Bioware Austin

Senior Environment Artist (contract), August 2015- January 2016

- Mass Effect Andromeda, EA (Shipped PS4, XBONE, PC)

Retro Studios

Artist Level - 3, July 2011- August 2015

- Unannounced title in development

- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Nintendo (Shipped Nintendo Wii U)

    o Environment modeling, texture painting, and lighting

    o Level layout and world building

    o Trained team on next gen techniques including Zbrush, and modular level creation

    o Mentored junior artists

Square Enix

Lead Environment Artist, November 2010- July 2011

- Project Dropship, SEA (Canceled PSN, XBLA)

    o Environment modeling, texture painting, and lighting

    o Worked with Art Manager on implementation of art on levels with in house created assets (and incoming assets from outsourcing partners)

    o Helped define art style for levels and worked with artists to make vision come to fruition in game.

    o Managed scheduling of environment artists

Naughty Dog Inc.

Environment Artist, February 2010- November 2010

- Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception, SCEA (Shipped - Playstation 3)

    o Environment Modeling, Levels, and Cinematics

Planet Moon Studios

Senior Artist, August 2006- February 2010

- Disney's Rapunzel™, Walt Disney (Shipped - Nintendo Wii)

- Musical DNA™ (prototype demo)

    o Lead Artist - responsible for creation of style guides, and the look of the project

- Wish You Were Here™, ngmoco:) (Canceled – iphone/ipod touch)

    o Lead Artist – Ran scrum meetings, managed tasks for artists. Provided feedback. Created style 

- Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter™, THQ (Shipped – Nintendo Wii)

- Battle of the Bands™, THQ (Shipped – Nintendo Wii)

- Afterburner: Black Falcon™, SEGA (Shipped – PSP)

Double Fine Productions

Environment Artist (contract), February 2008- July 2008

- Brutal Legend™, Electronic Arts (Shipped –XBOX360, PS3)


Environment Artist, May 2005- March 2006

- X-Men™, Activision (Shipped – XBOX, XBOX360, PS2, PC)

Vicious Cycle Software Inc.

Artist, September 2003- April 2005

- Spy Vs Spy™, Global Star Software (Shipped – XBOX)

- Robotech: Invasion™, Global Star Software (Shipped – PS2, XBOX)


The Art Institute of Phoenix, Arizona - Bachelors of Arts in Game Art and Design

September 2000- September 2003, GPA 3.7 Graduated with Honors.  


Available upon request

Artist, Photographer, Dreamer;

With over 16 years of industry experience Eric has helped shipped over 10 titles. He has worked on games of varying styles from the cartoon-like Brutal Legend, and Donkey Kong Country to more realistic games like Uncharted and Mass Effect. Adapting to different styles of art, mentoring and motivating his teams, and creating AAA quality game ready artwork is something he excels at.

Thank you for taking the time to look at his work. You can reach Eric at his email address:

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Photo by Kristin Brewer